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Our Philosophy 

Customer Safety Always Comes First

Here at Swiftwater Earthworks we build dreams.  In doing so we show our care for customers by putting customer safety first & foremost. We strive to do top quality work in a Safe & Timely fashion. Every project is routinely evaluated for safety concerns before we ever get started to ensure years of enjoyment. We get just as excited to start a new project as our customers, so to ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout your project we adhere to a thorough and extensive safety checklist before we ever break ground.

Our Expert Services

Recycled Asphalt Roads

We can provide full road maintenance & repair services. We specialize in crushed asphalt, Rock, Shell road. We first grade the your road to smooth and shape it to where it needs to be. Then we bring in a base material for a solid foundation. Then we cover it with a top grade, crushed asphalt/Rock/gravel/shell to meet your needs. Finally we finish it off with a roller & compact the road to have a strong, long lasting, maintenance free driveway. 

We specialize in remote locations, so no matter where you call home, even the weekend getaway cabin, we can help you with your project. 

Crushed Asphalt is a excellent choice when it comes to roads & driveways. This long lasting & affordable material will shed water run off & keep your road or driveway looking great for years to come. Crushed Asphalt is a very affordable option compared to Asphalt it self, yet lasts longer then laying gravel.

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Pavers & Pergolas

Swiftwater Earthworks LLC is happy to provide full service when it comes to Pavers & Pergolas. We can provide a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes & variety of pavers. We can pare an elongate retaining wall with a beautifully designed paver patio & accompanied with a custom Pondless Waterfall feature & covered with a custom cedar pergola. 

We custom design every project for your needs & wants. Call us today for your free estimate! Lets start turning your dreams into a reality today.

More Services

Snow Removal

We provide snow removal for the Cle elum, South Cle elum,  Roslyn & Ronald areas. Remote properties are no challenge. From small to large roads, driveways & parking lots we can provide service. We provide services for HOAs, private homes in town or out, businesses too. Please call early as we book up quickly before the season starts. 

Retaining Walls

We specialize in Custom retaining walls, Garden walls, Patio Walls, you name it we do it. There are so many different options to choose from, & building a new wall will definitely create a custom look to your back yard or garden area. We can even match up your custom retaining wall with a beautiful pondless water fall to give you a truly unique oasis to enjoy all year long. Call today to get your free quote on your custom retaining wall .  

Rockary Walls

We do a wide variety of rockery walls, rockery retaining walls, rockery drainage ditches, you name it we do it with rock boulders. We can create custom steps, all different landscape applications. 

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