2008 John Deere 410J TC Backhoe

19,000 lb Machine, Extended dip, Full Cab, Heat/AC, Radio, 4 in 1 Clam Bucket, Very Nice Machine. $260 for a 24 hour day, up to 8 hours of run time.



2019 Sany SY26U Excavator

6,500 lb Machine, Very versatile, Thumb, Blade, 3 different size buckets to use. $160 for a 24 hour day, up to 8 hours of run time.

$160 day

12k 20ft Car Trailer

2019 12k 20ft Car Trailer, $120 day for 24 hours of use.



Equipment Delivery Fee

$100 Equipment Delivery Fee for within Kittitas County area for Mini Excavator, $200 for John Deere Backhoe. Out of area based on mileage & Weather. 



Heavy Equipment Deposit Fee

$1500 Equipment Deposit Fee, is refundable if equipment is returned in good working order.



Overage Fee

$20 Overage Fee per hour if Equipment is returned with over the 8 hour daily limit.



Operator Fee 

As an option we offer a $145 Operator Fee per hour, an Operator will run the Equipment for you on your Earthwork project. 8 hours max a day, he will be your personal employee for the day. A Operator for Snow removal is $90 an hour.



Fuel Fee

All Equipment will need to be refueled to where it was when picked up or there is a $10 a gallon fee if shorted.